Agile Tidbits: Flow

Enjoy a metaphor for improving flow and see how you might be able to apply it in your organization.

Agile Tidbits: Three Attributes for Successful Product Owners

Discover three important qualities you need to look for in a product owner.

Agile Tidbits:
Decentralized Decision Making

A simple tale of how decentralized decision making can make a big difference by letting people closer to the work make decisions.

Agile Tidbits: Doing the Dishes

What do technical debt & doing the dishes have in common? Find out through this short engaging video.

Agile Tidbits: Doors & Engines

Do you have bottlenecks in your organization? This video talks about how systems thinking and watching out for bottlenecks can improve processes through a simple example.

Agile Tidbits: Circles, Squares and Triangles

Cross functionality can really help your organization be more productive if you take the time to learn how to do it effectively. Learn more about how it works in this video!

Agile Tidbits: Og the Caveman

Join Og the Caveman on his journey to learn about experimentation!