Learning an agile framework is just the beginning of your journey. Acquiring an agile vocabulary is a way to discuss high-level thoughts; meaningful change happens when your team internalizes the principles and values, and applies them in their day-to-day work.

We are fully committed to serving as your trusted advisors to help you achieve your goals. Our approach is simple: we don’t give you scripted advice, we partner with you to build success together. Having an advisor that is fully committed to your goals and is passionate about helping you achieve them – this is the difference between consulting and engaging.

Engaged Agility offers customized consulting services to help your team think and work differently. We can help your team increase their agility and experience in the following areas:

  • Process transformation

    Transitioning from a Waterfall or ad-hoc methodology to a more agile way of working, including helping your team to identify the right solution

  • Value stream identification and mapping

    We can help you understand how to organize around value and improve your value delivery processes.

  • Team Optimization

    If your team is struggling to balance urgent needs with important work, we can identify areas to reorganize and focus on the highest value work.

  • Roadmapping and prioritization

    Understanding what the most valuable work is can be difficult. And understanding how much to focus on near term needs or long term strategies can be complex. We have experience prioritizing work based upon short and long-term business needs, transforming the ominous into the achievable.

  • Establishing vision

    The role of leadership is to set a vision and create an environment in which that vision can become a reality. Our visioning sessions can guide you through defining that vision and effectively communicating it to others in your organization.

  • Change management

    Change is hard and it takes planning and buy-in from the entire organization. We can help you define the change, communicate its value, and lead others through the process and realize true transformation.

  • Translate the agile principles from theory to application

    It's not enough to just know the mindset, you have to be able to use it to guide your everyday activities.

Whatever challenge your team is facing, one of our experts can help your team be better at what they do. 

Let us show you how engagement can make a difference in your transformation!