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SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM)

What is SAFe for Product Owners and Product Managers?

The SAFe Product Owner and SAFe Product Manager (POPM) course covers the tactical responsibilities of the PO and PM roles. Learn how to plan and execute customer centric products on your Agile Release Train and begin to enable business agility within your organization.

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March 2023

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What's Included?

  • Engaging course with an engaging instructor
  • Cost of exam
  • One year of certification
  • One year of access to SAFe Studio
  • Digital workbook
  • Free exam prep and study session
  • Extra study sessions whenever you need them
  • An experienced, engaged instructor dedicated to helping you succeed!

Steps to Become Certified


Choose Your Course

Determine the best course to fit your organizational or personal goals. Unsure which course is the right one? Sign up for our Webinar or call to discuss today!


Connect with Your Instructor

Shortly after registration, your instructor will reach out with details about your class.


Attend the Course

Attend the course and hone your knowledge of the SAFe Agile framework.


Prepare for the Exam

After class, attend a study session with an expert from Engaged Agility. Study sessions are included in the class, and you can come to as many as you want!


Get Certified

After passing the exam, you are now a SAFe Certified Professional!

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