Jim Sparks

Instructor & Coach
Jim Sparks
Instructor and Coach

Jim’s Story

Jim Sparks is an energetic, crazy passionate SPC and PSM III, that provides effective leadership in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. He believes that agility is core to everything in life, not just business. He works hard to instill this in the teams that he coaches, enabling them to embrace the Agile principles as part of the teams’ identity.

Jim has experience working with small agile organizations of 100 associates as well as supporting teams in a global organization of over 4000 associates. What he enjoys most is the challenge of turning a group of individuals into teams that work efficiently, exceed expectations, and deliver value consistently.

For 10 years in the industry, Jim has performed as a coach, trainer, and mentor. He keeps things upbeat and energetic. He constantly strives to see that “aha” moment when people really “get it”. That is what fuels his relentless pursuit of improvement as he continues his mission to create a more positive world through agility.

Jim’s Upcoming Classes

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