Chris Allen

Instructor & Coach
An image of Chris Allen - Agile Project Management Instructor & Coach with Engaged Agility

Chris’ Story

Chris Allen is a highly sought-after Agile Transformation Coach and Trainer with 20+ years of industry experience across multiple verticals including banking, healthcare, telecommunications, oil & gas, government and more. He has a passion for helping enterprises transform their culture into one exhibiting truly adaptive Business and IT alignment with a focus on value delivery, built in quality, team engagement and accountability. He has proven to be exceedingly effective at fostering collaboration at every level of the organization and has a track record of providing innovative, yet pragmatic solving techniques for his clients. 

As a Trainer it is evident that Chris is passionate about helping others on their journey to discover better ways of doing things. A true advocate for scaled agile solutions, Chris is knowledgeable and experienced yet approachable with an innate ability to communicate with others at any level of experience or position.

Chris’ Upcoming Classes

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