Aubrey Langford

Instructor & Coach

Aubrey’s Story

    Aubrey Langford is an interdisciplinary nerd who is passionate about applying creative problem solving to technical challenges. After studying history and painting in college, they worked their way up from an entry-level tech support job into the role of a devops engineer. In all their positions, Aubrey has enjoyed opportunities to help others by coaching, writing engaging documentation, drawing comics and diagrams, running workshops, and – sometimes – giving impromptu explanations of Kubernetes via finger puppets.

    In addition to infusing humor into all of their work, Aubrey is an evangelist for site reliability engineering (SRE), cloud computing, and the design of resilient, self-healing systems. Aubrey loves working with students from a range of backgrounds and technical knowledge to develop their own vision for a better tomorrow, and help them gain the skills they need to inspire and implement meaningful, forward-thinking improvements in their line of work.

Aubrey’s Upcoming Classes

Gabriel Pacheco

Gabriel Pacheco is an executive at a multinational company, working as a consultant in Digital Transformation, Organizational Agility, Management, and Leadership for large companies in Brazil and Latin America. With over 20 years of experience in technology and working with Lean/Agile since 2009, he stands out for his strategic vision, ability to lead organizational transformations and develop high-performing leaders and teams.

Gabriel has been a SAFe Practice Consultant (SPC) since 2020 and holds various certifications, including SA, PSM I, CSPO, KMP, KCP, PMP, among others. His passion for sharing knowledge has led him to train over 1000 people in public and private training sessions and speak at some of the largest agility events in Brazil.

In addition to his corporate career, Gabriel is also an entrepreneur and mentor in career growth, management, and leadership.  He is committed to helping people reach their maximum potential.

Confirmed to Run

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You can expect a rich and rewarding educational experience that meets your needs, whether you’re enrolled in a class with one or many students. If you’re the only one enrolled, we’ll let you know before class and give you the option to take the class one-on-one or choose a future class with more students.

Join us for a tailored and flexible learning journey that helps you achieve your goals. Our “Confirmed to Run” classes provide peace of mind and a commitment to your success, every step of the way.