Kathryn Choquer

Instructor & Coach
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Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn Choquer is an Agile trainer committed to creating an engaging learning experience. While taking her first Leading SAFe course, she immediately saw an effective framework for transforming organizations. Having been through several mergers and acquisitions, she understands what it takes to shift teams. She will share her key moments in learning Agile to help students feel confident about their journey.

Kathryn has worked primarily in telecom but also in retail, non-profit, marketing agency, hospitality, politics, and metal fabrication organizations.
With roles in customer service, operations, marketing, inventory buying, bookkeeping, account management, sales, she offers a deep understanding of all team roles. She studied interpersonal communications and transformation for 4 years and will leverage everything she knows to connect with learners.

Kathryn’s Upcoming Classes

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