Template – Technical Agile Secrets for Non-technical People (Online)


  • Kyle Griffin
    Kyle Griffin
    Instructor and Coach

    Kyle Griffin has 25 years of experience as a programmer, process improvement specialist, and teacher. His extensive knowledge of programming includes C/C++, Android/Java/Groovy, and Python. He has been teaching and implementing XP programming practices since before the Agile Manifesto was written. In the last 10 years, he has worked variously as a lead programmer, agile coach, and trainer/mentor. Because of his forty thousand hours spent teaching and his experience as a programmer, he understands deeply the importance of taking a hands-on approach in the classroom. For fun away from work, Kyle writes android education software and treatises on the theoretical foundations of Agile methodologies.


Jul 25 2022


All Day





This class will:

  1. Reveal the three essential components of technical agile

  2. Provide you with four features of good code design

  3. Demonstrate exactly how technical excellence & good design enhance agility

All of this assumes you have never ever programmed, yet when we are done you will have new skills for coaching your team on:

  1. The importance of building quality in during the development process

  2. How test automation provides living documentation

  3. Why DevOps and Deployment are key to continuously delivering value

We will lead you through detailed stories and examples so that you can have engaging conversations with your team. We will tell you the simplest and best way to begin.