Implementing SAFe (SPC) Mar 27-30 (Online)


  • Danielle Gerber (SPCT)
    Danielle Gerber (SPCT)
    Instructor and SPCT Coach

    With over 29 years partnering with highly regulated organizations, Danielle is energetic and innovative in her training and coaching approaches at all levels of scale. Before she began her journey in Lean-Agile frameworks in 2007, Danielle worked in PMO direction and program management; and her experience in the early ‘90s as a mainframe developer comes in handy when working with teams and Architects. Danielle is a contributor of SAFe® assets and has an extra special passion for Lean Portfolio Management.

  • Randy Smith (SPCT)
    Randy Smith (SPCT)
    Instructor and SPCT Coach

    Randy Smith has been working with agility since leading his first Agile team back in 1998, and with SAFe since 2013. Since then, he’s mentored many teams, SAFe Agile Release Trains (ARTs), Portfolios, and organizations in their SAFe journeys. Randy earned his SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) certification in 2019 and has worked across many industry verticals, including high-tech, medical, aerospace, manufacturing, shipping, financial services, etc. Randy knows the events of SAFe are critical for collaboration, but the real heart of the framework is the people who implement it and use it day to day. Randy specializes in coaching the human systems who make SAFe the operating system of the company.


Mar 27 - 30 2023


8:30 AM - 5:30 PM





Implementing SAFe

Ready to lead a Lean-Agile transformation? Need a deeper understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework? Looking to teach SAFe courses yourself?

The Implementing Scaled Agile Framework course will help you understand the roles of each person in SAFe, and then plan and guide a SAFe transformation. You’ll learn how to identify value streams, launch agile release trains, and build a Lean-Agile portfolio. You’ll also practice the principles of Agile product management and product delivery. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and practical understanding of how to help an organization achieve business agility effectively, Implementing Scaled Agile Framework is the right course for you.

Materials presented in this 4 day class are the latest from SAI and upon completion you will be registered for the Implementing SAFe (SPC) certification.

The 4-day course, exam, and 1 year of certification license is included in the price of the course.

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