3 Keys to Being a Customer Centric Leader

When creating a new product or service or even an entire business, it’s common to make profit your goal. How can you stay in business without making money? But focusing on profit is likely to take you down a toxic path full of cost-cutting, unwanted products, and burnt out employees. Instead, try these three steps […]

Blockbuster Had Great Customer Service

When my dad entered the workforce, he approached it the same way he approached the dating pool: he wanted to make a lifelong commitment. That’s what his dad did. It’s what his peers were doing. Commit to a company, put in fifty years, and get a gold pocket watch when you retire. If you take […]

Agile and Lean Lessons, From the Texas Snowstorm

A few weeks ago many of us in Texans lost reliable access to power, clean water, and internet for several days. This was a shock to all of us, and many (understandably) reacted with panic. Now that the crisis is over, however, I’d like to look back on how agile principles helped so many people […]

The Best Bike Frame Maker in the Land

I vividly recall my first Agility coach preaching to me, “Don’t get five projects halfway done; get one project completely done.” “But that’s less than half the productivity!” I sputtered. “Yeah. Except that five half-way done projects deliver zero value to my customer.” This concept made no sense to me, and I think I know why. It’s […]

Buses and Lottery Tickets

“Our people are our greatest asset.” We hear statements like this every day from companies in all industries.  Without people working together toward a common vision, companies would cease to exist.  We need to value our employees, take care of them, and– ultimately– ensure that they are entirely replaceable. I know! That doesn’t sound like […]

Mr. Miyagi vs. Professor Xavier: Which leader are you?

Lately I seem to be hearing the same question from everyone I meet: how much expertise does a leader need? Just in the past month I’ve heard the question from my boss, from my mentor, from the book I’m reading (Linchpin by Seth Godin), and from online posts I stumble across (like these from Inc.com […]

Team Size, & More Lessons from Nursery

I believe that agility can make businesses better, not just because the practices are helpful, but because the principles of agility actually work with our natural tendencies. One of the most powerful of these principles is the efficiency of small teams. More experienced and academic people than I can tell you why small teams are […]

Improve More, Experiment Better

Imagine a scientist in a white lab coat, two beakers in hand. You ask what she’s doing, and she says, “I’m conducting an experiment!” When you ask what the experiment entails, she responds, “I don’t know! I’m going to combine these liquids and see what happens!” Obviously no self-respecting scientist would call this an experiment. […]

Fish on a Stick

Creating a lasting culture can be challenging & fun. Engaged Agility is new, there are many things I am trying to do such as setup a website, schedule training classes, and figure out what can and can’t be written off. As I do these administrative things, I also want to focus on building our culture. […]