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From certified SAFe courses to custom agile classes, we have the classes to fit your needs.

Engagement is our specialty and we don’t take it lightly.  We believe that training should be much more than reading from the slides. From the time of purchase, during the class, and beyond you can expect an engaging experience.

Shortly after purchase, the instructor will send you a personal email so you have a direct contact for any questions. During class, you can expect interactions and activities that reinforce the class concepts and sharing of personal experiences to ground the class learnings in reality.

At the end of class, there is a free exam review session for those that are interested. And after class, you can always reach out to the instructor for extra help. Choose one of our classes, or request a training that fits your schedule, and come engage with us!

SAFe Classes

SAFe is the leading scaling methodology for business agility.  Let one of our engaging instructors help you become a SAFe Certified Professional!

DevOps Institute Classes

DevOps Institute ensures both technology and people work better, making IT more agile and adaptable to changing needs – as well as more influential in transforming the entire business.

Technical Agile Secrets For Non-Technical People

Learn technical practices that are key to an agile transformation, even if you have never written a line of code. 

SAFe Free Webinar

Unsure of Which (if any) SAFe Certification is right for you? Bring all of your questions to this free webinar! 

Custom Request

Need specialized training for your organization?  Need a SAFe® class scheduled for a specific date?  Do you want private groups?  We can help! Contact us for a free quote! 

Disciplined Agile (DA) Courses

We have partnered with Driven Leadership Solutions to deliver Disciplined Agile courses through PMI.